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3 Reasons Why You Should Publish Your Book Now

It's not as difficult as people make it to be. I have simplified this course for your benefit and to help you release your book with excellence.

  • Financial Freedom Key

    Book publishing is one of the popular unused keys to unlock financial freedom.

  • Credibility Builder

    When you publish your book, you become an authority in your field - that topic you have written about. You are seen as an expert.

  • Door Opener

    A published book is a door opener. Clients have received speaking invitations because someone saw their books, read them and wanted to share with their audience.

Invest in Your Elevation

Publishing your book is an investment in your destiny and those connected to the message of your assignment.

About Your Instructor

  • <strong>Belinda Enoma</strong>

    Digital Business Strategist & Leadership Coach

    Belinda Enoma

    Belinda Enoma is founder of and a renowned cyber strategist with over 17 years technology experience consulting for Fortune 500 corporations across Europe and the U.S.A. She has been in the book publishing industry for nearly a decade. She is popularly known as the Destiny Launcher who helps people identify, monetize their gifts, talents and teaches them o thrive in their zones of brilliance.