Let's Finally Get That Book Published!

Straightforward steps to publish your quality book yourself & SAVE $2,500 too ☺

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<strong>Belinda Enoma</strong>
Belinda Enoma
Founder, iStartandFinish.com

About the Instructor

Belinda Enoma is a renowned cyber strategist with over 17 years technology experience consulting for Fortune 500 corporations across Europe and the U.S.A. She has been in the book publishing industry for over eight years. She is popularly known as the Destiny Launcher and Purpose Activator who helps people identify, monetize their gifts, talents and teaches them o thrive in their zones of brilliance. She has appeared on internationally syndicated television shows and featured on Black Enterprise magazine.

If you could spend $129 instead of $2,500 and still get the same results, would you go for it?

I have been in the book publishing industry for many years and understand how it works.

As an author, it is painful and embarrassing to showcase poorly published books.

However, this course is not for everybody.

To succeed, you must be ready to DIY, that is, do it yourself. You will be empowered to learn the ropes in a straightforward and simple way and finally publish that book you have been trying to do.

This Book Publishing 101 course teaches proven and straightforward steps to publish your book and even become a book publisher for others. If you do not know what you are doing, it will cost you! At this point in your life, you don't want to damage your reputation.

In this course, I share the exact steps taken to publish books for myself and others, from the manuscript process to printing your book. I have been in the independent book publishing industry for many years and seen too many avoidable mistakes.

Here’s the real deal and not often told truth:

You live twice through your book, so get it right the first time and every time.


Once upon a time, I had completed my manuscript but needed to publish my book. Cash was low. Infact, it was nonexistent at the time. I could not afford to pay over $2,500 to publish my book.

So, I looked for ways to do it myself. It was difficult. There were many books to read. One thing I craved for was for someone to show me the exact steps without reading all those books! I found a couple of people but I couldn't afford to pay their fees either.

It was back to the drawing board - either I learned how to do it myself or just leave the manuscript there to gather dust and hence, prevent people from getting solutions from the book.

I picked up courage and studied hard as if I was preparing for a state board exam.

Do you have that type of time right now to read many books to figure out how to publish your book?

The first book I published myself placed me before an audience who wanted to hear from me on internationally syndicated television. I'm not blowing my trumpet but this book publishing strategy works!

I have packaged knowledge and experience I acquired over the years from publishing books into this course. I know that you can do it. Knowledge with the right application is indeed power.

This is what I know about you:

  • You have a message and you want to reach a wide audience.
  • You don't have a lot of money to play around.
  • You know that with the right guidance you can publish your book yourself.
  • You understand that time is precious and you don't want to waste your life.
  • You are ready.

Course Contents

11 Videos
1 Text
2.5 hrs

Modules & Lessons

Lesson 1: Gathering Your Materials
Lesson 2: This is a business, not a hobby!
Lesson 4: Important Publishing Registrations You Must Know About
Lesson 5: Manuscript Editing to Protect Your Reputation
Lesson 6: Your Book Cover Design
Lesson 7: Typesetting Your Book and What You Need to Know
Lesson 8: Printing Your Book
BONUS 1: eBooks